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Mission Statement

  • To establish and maintain a permanent Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame
  • To develop and promote public interest in old time fiddling, country and bluegrass music in Nova Scotia
  • The preservation and public display of artifacts and memorabilia of those inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame
  • To encourage nominations for induction into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame

President's Message

Returning again for my sixth year as President I can honestly say I am deeply honoured to be serving as such. We had a very successful year during the 2015/2016 season, culminating in a highly successful Induction and 20th Anniversary Ceremony on September 17. Now on to a new year and a new decade.

We are successful only due to the dedication and commitment of our "Board of Directors" who give a great amount of time and energy to carry on our activities. I am pleased and fortunate to have the return of our previous "board" and the addition of two new "board" members. Also I am pleased to welcome former "Board" member Vina Moses as our Associate Director for the South Shore area.

We will be again focusing on increasing our image throughout the province and working to increase our fund raising efforts, either through fund raising events or sponsorship so that we can present another successful Induction Ceremony next year (2017).

I must thank all those who have assisted us over the past years. This includes all our Members, the "Board of Directors", our Associate Directors, our Inductees, the promoters who raise funds for through organizing variety shows and show cases, our sponsors and businesses that donate to us and our group of wonderful volunteers. Your work, effort and dedication are imperative to help us carry out our "Mission".

We always need new Directors and if you or someone you know has an interest in Country, Olde Tyme Fiddling or Bluegrass Music and wish to know about the NSCMHF or are interested in being on our "Board of Directors, please contact me at floyd.spicer@ns.sympatico.ca or any of our Directors.

Floyd Spicer

NSCMHF Board of Directors



Floyd V. Spicer
Bill Corkum
Wendy Manning
Vice President 
Roger Bleasdale
Ruth Manning
Andre Trzebiatowski
Past President
Carol Penney
Bev Cheverie
Dianne Gould
Shelley Joyce
Bruce Innes
Marilyn Robertson
Arthur Brown

Associate Directors

Don Haggart, Ron DeAdder, Vina Moses and Dianne O'Brien

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